Janelle Townsel

Instructor, Dancin Jazzi Dance Studio

Hailing from the shores of west Michigan, Janelle comes from a vast background of dance and fitness training. Her dance education and performance experience is derived from many forms of dance including Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern, Latin, Cheer, Pop-pom and Liturgical, to name a few. Her early years of dance began at Sika School of Dance with Cecchetti ballet technique. As the daughter of a dancer, she credits her love of dance to her mother who gave birth and quite literally arrived back in class in two weeks later with baby Janelle in tow.
Janelle continued her dance training at Western Michigan University, where she obtained a Bachelor degree in Interpersonal Communication with minors in Dance and Spanish. While in the Midwest, Janelle taught at various dance and fitness studios. Since moving to Austin, she has been a teacher and principle dancer for a local Contemporary dance company.
Janelle’s theory is that dancers are complex thinkers. ”We have to have balance and strength and flexibility and remember choreography mastering tiny details of stylized movement, all while making it look pleasing to the eye. I strongly believe that if you are taught to understand where movement comes from and why, you can start to respect and master it and enjoy each small accomplishment ….ESPECIALLY when it comes to Ballet!”

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