Daniele Spivey-Sorrells

Dance Instructor, Dancin Jazzi Dance Studio

Daniele Spivey-Sorrells, originally from Detroit, Michigan began dancing in the Detroit Public School system with the M L King High School Dance Workshop Program. While the Dance Workshop company’s focus was modern dance, Daniele was introduced to other forms of classical dance training, including Ballet, Dunham and Jazz. During her high school years, she participated in many master classes, workshops and concerts.

Daniele moved to Austin in July, 2007 and currently works for Western Governors University mentoring and supporting academically adult learners enrolled to achieve their undergraduate Business degrees. She was previously the principle dancer for a local Contemporary Dance Company as well as principle dancer in the drama dance, Sister Moses; The story of Harriet Tubman. She has studied with Dallas Black Dance Theater and with the Amazing Grace Liturgical Dance Company in Atlanta, GA.

Outside of work Daniele serves as the Director of Mercy Moves Liturgical Dance Company.  She also dances with her church’s dance ministry team and teaches monthly dance technique classes as well as choreographing for many of the church’s major productions.

Daniele is married to Aaron Spivey-Sorrells and they have one son and what she calls, two bonus daughters. We are happy that Daniele’s family shares her with us and we are excited to have Daniele as part of the Dancin’ Jazzi family!


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